Since our project was born, we have had the chance to meet many people, some of which have helped us a great deal thanks to their support, their valuable advice and quite often their friendship. We would like to thank all those who contributed to the restoration of Walden and, more globally, to our project.

Of course, thanks to our families that have followed and supported us from the beginning.

Many thanks to the work site Billie Marine (in Hennebont), where we careened our sailboat twice, for their generosity and kindness. Thanks to Pierrot, Gaëlle and their team for their welcome, their precious advice, their passion and their honesty.

To Fred Soudure, the workshop we often went to for uninteresting tasks for a welder but essential for our boat; nevertheless, they were

quickly carried out and with the utmost care. A great welder, very responsive and all in all a great encounter.

To our friend Jacques, who sold us our current engine at a nice price when the 2002b died.

To Fred from Technique Voile (in Cavalaire), who enabled us to make a brand new genoa in exchange for small services.

To Anthony MAHEVAS from SMPM who generously machined precision parts for our rudder blade.

To Matthieu, who examined our engine. His patience and teaching skills allowed us to learn a bit more about the rudiments of mechanics.

To Erwan, who donated his Evinrude outboard motor 6CV for our tender.

To Franck MARIONNEAU, thanks to whom we can safely anchor our boat.

To Louis Jean TALLEC, for the day we spent to restore the outboard motor.

To Vincent THAËRON for the lovely article that made us Ouest France’s front page.

To Anne Lise and Charlie CAPELLE for the life raft, the navigational charts and the good advice.

To the company Jean-Luc Philippe Paysagiste.

To Daniel NATOLI for the website.

And thanks to Brassens, amongst others, who through his poetry invites us to focus on simple and wonderful things and to admire people who are honest and pure…